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“A colour atlas of Forensic Dentistry” is presented with hard cover and high-quality pages.

Fulfilling the authors’ interest in promoting Forensic Dentistry to students and enthusiasts, the book is a compilation of several topics of Forensic Dentistry.  

The several topics addressed in the book are distributed within 134 pages. The idea of compiling such many topics is justified in the preface. More specifically, the book is apparently designed to attend the needs and enthusiasm of professionals of Dentistry, Law and Police organizations.

It is important to highlight that the authors greatly succeeded in designing an atlas for their audience. In general, the core idea of an atlas relies in properly illustrating the (forensic) casuistics to those who seek for incipient and initial knowledge in a specific field.

Undergraduates, graduate students in the early training, general clinicians, and Law and Police professionals may benefit from a clear reading and understanding of some of the fields in Forensic Dentistry.



Forensic dentistry

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21117/rbol.v5i2.212


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